Why You Should Not Wait to Attract What You Want

The first rule in the law of attraction is that you must first BE before you can HAVE.

This simply means that you get what you first are or what you become. It is not the other way around. Most people are of the mindset that they will become happy later when they have acquired a particular thing. There is the belief that you will be wealthy after you have made your first million or you will be sexy and attractive after you find the perfect mate.

Law of attraction does not work this way.

If you practice waiting for what you want then you have just broken the first and most important rule in attracting what you want. While you are waiting you are then living just as your present self with all the conditions that you do not like. Law of Attraction then will simply give you more of what you are now experiencing. Remember, what you focus on and what comes into your awareness grows into your reality.

The moment you discover that you want to attract something into your life you need to find the essence of that thing. Finding the essence of that thing you want will bring it closer to you. The essence is that quality that is particular to the thing you want. Knowing it is the key to having it.

Let’s say you decided that you wanted a new home.

Your next step would be to discover your true reason for wanting that new house. Could it be peace and quiet or are you seeking a more aesthetically pleasing home? After evaluating all of your desires to find a new home, you discovered that your strongest motivation for wanting to leave your present home is because you have grown tired of the same old worn drab interior. It would be clear then that you are looking for a place that is more beautiful and welcoming.

The first thing that you would begin to do is to make your present home look and feel the way you would like your new home to feel. Don’t wait until you have that new home to live and feel the way you want to be.

Recognize that the reason you desire anything is because of how that thing makes you feel.

You want a spouse because they will make you feel loved and supported.

You want more money because it will make you feel free and independent.

The moment you can identify what you want and the feeling that you will gain from having the thing that you want, the next step is to begin experience the feeling now. In whatever way you can, create that feeling of already being or having what you want as you do it will come to you faster.

Begin to feel loved and appreciated and suddenly everyone has a desire to shower you with love and appreciation.

Begin to dress and feel wealthy and suddenly there are offers to create more money everywhere you turn.

There is always someone or some situation no matter how small, which can give you the feeling you are looking for.

The idea is to bask in that feeling for as long and as frequently as you can. As that feeling becomes a part of you and your surroundings, law of attraction delivers numerous circumstances to you and what is delivered will be greater than what you presently have.

Discover how you can now be what you most want using what you already have. As you do, Law of Attraction will help you to quickly manifest what you most desire before you even realize.

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