Whoa! From No to Go

There are 3 Pillars of Personal Power that are crucial to help you live in to the law of attraction more easily. These are:

1. Focused intentions

2. Well-designed environments

3. Powerful beliefs.

Powerful beliefs are really the key pillar here. You can have all the focus in the world, your vision board pinned up, and affirmations up the whazoo, but unless your beliefs are lined up with your intentions, then it is uphill all the way.

And personally, I’m in to the easy road.

The way beliefs work in relation to your manifestations is how the lever on a railway track operates: the lever is there to switch the train to either the left or right track.

Your beliefs act like the lever to the train of your intentions: they switch to either ‘go’ or to ‘no’.

So how do you know if your beliefs are switched to ‘go’? Quite simply you know if they are switched to ‘go’ if you feel in the very core of your being, in your bones, in every cell of your body, that whatever you desire is going to manifest for you. Maybe you don’t know how, or where, or when, but you just know that it will happen.

This is the way I felt when I decided in 2002 that I would meet my husband that year. I had no idea where I would find him, but by golly I just knew it was going to happen. There was no other option for me: I would do whatever it took to be the person I needed to be in order to attract that guy. I wanted a good man in my life, and wasn’t going to settle for anything until it happened. (We met two months later).

If you feel like this about your goals and intentions, then great! You are lined up, and it is moving towards you just as surely as the sun rises each day.

If you’ve got quibbles or doubts, worries or wonderings, then you are switched to ‘no’ my friend. You’ve got some limiting fears and beliefs that are derailing your intention train.

How do you switch from ‘No’ to ‘Go’?

First, figure out what track you’re on. What are those beliefs you’ve got in relation to your goal?

To figure this out, think of whatever you desire, and then ask yourself, “Why don’t I have this yet?”

Let’s say you want to meet your ideal partner this year. Ask, “why isn’t it here yet?” and then write down what your brain tosses out for you. Maybe it’s something like, “There’s no one out there for me”, or “It’s too hard”, or “I’ll never find love.”

These are the beliefs jamming your lever to ‘No’.

How do you change those beliefs?

Affirmation advocates would have you simply change the phrasing and repeat them over and over. Instead of, “there’s no one out there for me,” they’d have you repeat: “The perfect partner is out there for me and is looking for me too.”

There is one problem with this approach. Even though this is a nicer-feeling thought, it does not squash that little inner gremlin that keeps bringing up doubts.

This is because beliefs are more than just thoughts; they are energetic emotional patterns that are imprinted on your being, like a record impressed with the grooves of a song. Every time you play the relationship record, you get the ‘there’s no one out there for me’ song.

How do you change your pattern?

You’ve got to scramble the pattern. You do this by releasing the energy that the limiting beliefs create in your body.

There are many ways to release pent up energy, and I’m going to give you two.

1. Feeling in to the core of the feeling

Another way of knowing if you’ve got a limiting belief is to check how it makes you feel. Limiting beliefs often feel heavy and uncomfortable. When you have a thought like, “There’s no one out there for me,” it runs a sad, self-pity kind of feeling that sinks in to the pit of your stomach.

This is what you need to pay attention to: where do you feel this energy in your body? Where is the most intense part of that awkward, heavy feeling?

Focus your awareness and attention on this feeling. Get a picture in your mind’s eye of what it looks like, its shape, texture, color.

Keep breathing gently.

Then take your awareness and imagine piercing that knot of yuckiness right through to its very core.

Imagine you are on the end of a laser burning right to the very middle of it.

When you are at the most intense part, just sit there for a minute observing what it looks like, any changes to its color, texture, shape, size. Keep breathing – you’re fine! You’re just releasing energy.

After a few minutes, allow your awareness to sink through the knot of energy to the other side. Chances are you’ll feel quite different: relaxed, relieved, maybe even a little buzzy.

The knot in your stomach may or may not still be there; if it’s still there, it’s probably diminished in size, and you can have another go at the exercise later.

Keep repeating.

In this way you take the charge off the limiting belief so that it no longer kick starts that record of “poor me, there is no one out there for me.” You can now introduce a new belief that feels good.

2. The verbal barf

I love this one! This is where you let your inner gremlin speak its mind. Instead of trying to ignore him, or suppress him, you let him speak out and have his say.

To do this, get a pad of paper, a pen, a box of Kleenex if you feel you might cry, a cup of tea or glass of water, and then just write whatever comes up for you when you think about your desire.

You are just ‘barfing up” on the page all those horrible thoughts and feelings. Just write out all the thoughts, no matter how petty, painful, awkward you feel about having them – just let them be written.

Keep writing until you feel purged.

When you’re done, rip up the paper, burn it, and let it go.

Once you’ve released the energy, you are already switching your lever to go. How cool was that!


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