Extremely Simple Methods to Make the Law of Attraction Work

When my sister lately won a small contest at her neighborhood, she told me the secret of how she achieved it: “I just joined the competition, and then forgot about it.”

But since we think about hundreds (possibly even millions) of things daily – and then forget about them, why then don’t they all come true?

You will find the cause in the Law of Attraction and, furthermore, you’ll discover that it’s literally simple to make it work in your favor – if you use this simple and powerful method.

Think and let go

Make no mistake about it. The Law of Attraction is forever working, but not always in a way that you would wish. There are numerous steps to go through, if you desire to reach your goal:

1. Come across out what you wish for.

2. Visualize yourself already having it, with as much sentiment as you can.

3. Make sure you remove all negative thoughts; for instance not being worthy, or not being capable etc.

4. Let go absolutely – forget about it.

Feel a wish, but don’t be distressed

Have you ever experienced a salesman who sounded so distressed to get the sale that you would never, ever, dream of purchasing from him? Or the lonely wolf at the party, drooling over ladies, but walking home by itself? If you really won’t something, then don’t be anxious. Let the desired result flow from the Universe to you. Just attract it to you, and it will come.

Let go, but bear in mind to take action

Even though I am telling you to just let go of your wish, once you’ve become clear about what it is you desire, it doesn’t mean you should just lean back and wait for things to happen. In some situations, the Universe will work this way but, in most cases, you will have to take inspired action.

Do you desire a new job?

Do you hate to go to work every day and desire to work from home instead?

Well, there’s your desire.

Now visualize yourself doing just that. Sitting in your pajamas, writing at your computer, or just sitting in shorts with your laptop in the backyard, or whatever your dream happens to be.

Eliminate all negative thoughts, and get your mind clear. Then let go of your wish. Feel comfortable that you will get the effect that you wish for.

And when, all of a sudden, your best friend tells you about this terrific opportunity – grab it!

Or take a look at the paper the gentlemen conveniently left at your table – your perfect job might just be displayed inside it.

Let go, but don’t forget

So, when my sister more often than not wins the competitions she enters, it was not precisely just for the reason that she forgot about them. It was more the fact that she just let go. She trusted that she would win, and so she did, thus using the Law of Attraction to enable her to realize the dreams she so desired.

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